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Taza Negra

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Discover the rich heritage of Oaxaca with these handcrafted cups, fashioned from the region's signature black clay. Each cup uniquely showcases a face design, embodying the artistic traditions of Oaxacan artisans. These cups effortlessly combine cultural heritage with modern-day functionality, ideal for your morning espresso or a creamy cappuccino. Embrace a sip of tradition with every brew.

For centuries, the Zapotec communities have unearthed a deep, rich clay called Barro Negro. They shape it with their hands, much like their ancestors. Over time, as they discovered the clay's unique properties, they began firing it at very high temperatures, transforming its hue into a deep, lustrous black. This transformation wasn't just physical; it marked the clay's evolution into a symbol of Oaxacan identity. Today, the iconic black pottery of Oaxaca stands as a testament to a tradition that refuses to fade, whispering tales of ancient craftsmen in every curve and contour.

Want to keep your cups in optimal shape? Wash them by hand, and don't place them in the dishwasher.
Taza Negra
Taza Negra Sale price€19,50