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Neceser Diamante

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From the heart of Teotitlan de Valle comes a masterpiece of craftsmanship — the "Diamante" toiletry bag. Crafted with utmost precision by a family with generations of expertise, this medium-sized toiletry bag is a reflection of time-honored traditions and innovative design.

The wool is meticulously coloring using natural hues derived from fruits and nuts, ensuring an eco-friendly touch. Beyond its beauty, this toiletry bag is a testament to the family's legacy — where every item is not just made but named, embedding a piece of their story into it. Owning this is not just about having a functional accessory; it's about becoming part of a rich lineage that spans rugs to bags, echoing Teotitlan de Valle's soulful essence.

29w x 16h cm, wool, zipper, inner lining.
Neceser Diamante
Neceser Diamante Sale price€41,00