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Corazon Madera

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Discover Mexico's rich heritage with our wooden 'Sacred Hearts' pieces. Stemming from Spanish religious symbols blended with Mesoamerican color palettes, they represent a melding of history and craftsmanship. Used widely in Mexico and made from various materials, the corazones are a nod to traditional techniques and bold folk art. Enhance your space with a piece that embodies cultural depth.

 The "Sacred Heart" is a significant religious symbol in Mexican culture, representing Jesus Christ's love and sacrifice for humanity. Originating from Catholicism brought by Spanish colonizers, its image combines European religious iconography with Mexico's penchant for vivid colors and intricate designs. Over time, this symbol was embraced and adapted by local artisans, evolving into a popular decorative motif in various forms, from paintings to sculptures, reflecting both religious devotion and Mexico's rich artistic traditions.

15h x 8,5b cm, wood, painted, little loop to hang it where you like.

Corazon Madera
Corazon Madera Sale price€27,00