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Caja de joyas ceramica

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Infuse your space with the vibrant artistry of Chiapas through this exquisite ceramic jewelry box, hand-painted by the renowned Juana Gómez Ramírez. With a captivating pattern in vivid blue and red, each box is a functional store for your treasured jewelry and a statement piece that reflects Mexico's rich ceramic tradition.

Known primarily for her iconic handpainted jaguars, Juana brings the same meticulous craftsmanship to this unique piece. The intricate design and its practical use make it a perfect blend of form and function. Let this artistic keepsake elevate your home décor while safeguarding your precious trinkets.

Juana Gómez Ramírez stands out as a celebrated Tzeltal artisan. Juana, inspired by the Maya's reverence for jaguars, began crafting these majestic creatures at age twelve. Despite never seeing a jaguar in real life, Juana felt its energy every time she sculpted one, making each piece unique. Her intricate process, blending traditions with personal touch, involves kneading clay with sand and water, sculpting, and then polishing with a river stone. The final pieces are then fired outdoors in a pre-Hispanic clay baking method. Despite being made of clay, Juana's jaguars feel alive, earning her acclaim beyond her hometown in the Altos de Chiapas. Today, rather than taking her creations to markets, buyers seek Juana in her off-the-beaten-path workshop.

5,5h x 11w cm, ceramic, red & blue, hand-made.

Caja de joyas ceramica
Caja de joyas ceramica Sale price€32,00