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Neceser Lluvia

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From the heart of Teotitlan de Valle comes the "Lluvia" toiletry bag, handwoven by a family with generations of craftsmanship expertise. Made of locally-sourced wool and naturally dyed using fruits and nuts, this medium-sized bag showcases a raindrop pattern inspired by its name, "Lluvia" (rain). Steeped in tradition, each piece from this family workshop, from rugs to bags, is given a distinct name, embodying their history and craftsmanship. The "Lluvia" offers a functional yet traditional storage solution for your essentials.

In the town of Teotitlán de Valle, Oaxaca, a dedicated family upholds a generations-old tradition of weaving. They skillfully transform the wool into a canvas of rich textiles, ranging from intricate toiletry bags to expansive rugs. What sets them apart is their commitment to natural processes; every hue on their creations originates from organic dyes made of fruits, nuts, and local botanicals. Their pieces, deeply rooted in Oaxacan culture and tradition, are not just functional items but also a testament to their enduring passion for craftsmanship.

27w x 15h cm, wool, zipper, inner lining.
Neceser Lluvia
Neceser Lluvia Sale price€41,00